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We believe in supporting our agents. We work hard to give you the training and benefits necessary to make your job as easy as possible so that you can focus on better helping your clients. You will be treated like an employee but paid like an independent agent.


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We offer financial planning and Medicare products. We strive to help our agents every step of the way.


Annuities are a great way to grow your business and help your clients get the most out of their retirement.


A majority of Americans over age 65 do not have dental insurance. Dental coverage offers reasonable rates to fit your clients’ budget along with comprehensive coverage for their oral health.

Dental Vision and Hearing (DVH)

DVH plans cover preventive care like dental cleanings, procedures, glasses, contacts or hearing aids. The cost savings become obvious when you look at getting or replacing a hearing aid or getting dental care without coverage.

Dual Special Need Plans (D-SNP)

Even though D-SNPs are a Medicare Advantage plan, they have no set enrollment period. This makes D-SNPs a good way to increase sales outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.

Guaranteed Universal Life

Guaranteed UL has a guaranteed premium and guaranteed death benefit.

Hospital Indemnity

Accidents or serious illness can happen at any time and the high cost of hospitalization and related expenses can be overwhelming. A hospital indemnity plan pays you if a hospital stay is needed.

Life Insurance

Whether it's a tax planning, financial planning or estate planning scenario, we can help design the best solution for your clients' needs.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (MA) is another name for Medicare Part C. These types of plans are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare to provide Part A and Part B benefits. Many have provider networks.

Medicare Prescription (Part D)

Part D provides outpatient prescription drug coverage. Plans can be purchased on a standalone basis or drug coverage can be included in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, plans can help pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Term Life Insurance

Death benefit for a temporary need.

Universal Life Insurance

Whether it's a tax planning, financial planning or estate planning scenario, we can help design the best solution for your clients' needs.


Supporting your ability to offer a quality vision plan to your clients’ needs and wants, while allowing the ability to choose from a variety of services.

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent insurance designed to cover an individual’s life until death.

Tutorial Videos

Access to our online training video library to learn more about the products and tools. Learn at your own pace or just freshen up your knowledge on a topic.

Travel Affiliate Program

Refer clients and if they purchase a travel insurance policy, you earn the commission!

Special Agent Programs

Get access to pre-approved client seminars, exclusive retail settings and provider groups, personalized dental quoting sites and more.

Quoting & Enrollment Tools

We provide a number of both proprietary and industry-standard quoting and enrollment tools to help you to easily enroll your clients in the best products.

Promotional Videos

Pre-recorded videos for you to utilize with your own web presence to promote the products and tools you support.

Paramed Scheduling

We handle the ordering and tracking of all paramed exams for life cases submitted.


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